The world is becoming increasingly self-conscious, and people examine themselves and criticize every small blemish that they see. The smile is one area in particular that is more vulnerable to criticism in the age of the selfie. People who feel that they have unnecessary gaps in their teeth, or that their smile shows too much gum, may decide that they need to seek dental treatment to correct the problem. If you are conscious of your gummy smile, our Los Angeles dental clinic has a revolutionary method of resolving the issue of excess gum exposure when you smile.

Understanding The Gummy Smile

A gummy smile occurs when the person smiles and the upper lip climbs to the top of the mouth, exposing a large amount of gum. In most cases, the smile occurs because the upper lip is positioned too high in the mouth, and therefore there is nowhere for it to go when you start to smile. We can help you to realize that your smile is not the result of excessive gums, or teeth which are too large, but is caused by the lip being just too short. The only true way to resolve a gummy smile is to deal with the problem of the upper lip.
resolve your gummy smile in Los Angeles

Avoiding Fillers

There have been some very unfortunate treatments for gummy smiles, which included removing part of the jawbone or altering the crowns of the teeth. Even recently, some dentists have been offering a surgical procedure that involved using fillers or collagen in the upper lip in order to pump it out. This can make the lip look a little peculiar, and the plastic treatment is obvious. However, Dr. Farnoosh does not use any such treatment in his enhancements. His lip treatments can produce fuller, better-looking lips that don’t expose the gums.

Start Receiving Gummy Smile Treatment Today

If you are looking for a specialist dentist to help you resolve your gummy smile in Los Angeles, then The Total Smile is the best dental clinic for you. We can offer you successful treatment for your smile, as well as cosmetic dental treatments for other oral conditions. To arrange a consultation today, simply send us a message online with your information, or call (310) 928-1796 in order to speak to a member of the team and discuss your dental treatment needs now.

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