Your smile is one of the first things that people see when they meet you for the first time, and if you have a crooked or unattractive smile, it may cause them to make judgments about you that will be difficult to overcome. If you want to improve your appearance, either to move up the career ladder or to find the perfect partner, then you may want to have someone treat your unattractive or gummy smile. We have the perfect team here to help you, including Dr. Farnoosh, a leading gummy specialist in the Beverly Hills area.

Improve Your Smile Quickly

The issue in the so-called gummy smile is that people can see far too much of your gums when you smile. Your gums may have receded, making your teeth look like tombstones when you smile, and this may have reduced your confidence and left you reluctant to smile in public. You don’t want to be smiling with closed lips, as this can also leave a negative impression, so instead, you need to work on finding another solution to your problem. One way to do this is to get a dental treatment that can improve your gumline.

Moving On From Outdated Treatments

If you already know that you have a gummy smile, you may have been putting off treatment in order to avoid some of the harsher dental surgery that was used in the past. In some cases, crown lengthening or repositioning of the upper jaw could be performed, and in a few cases, the jaw would be partially removed in order to reshape the gumline. However, this is not used in modern treatments. Instead, we offer a far more effective solution that can leave you with a fantastic smile without any loss of the jaw.

Let Us Treat You

We have redefined the way that gummy smiles are treated through the use of lip lowering procedures. We bring down the lip in order to bring it more into line with your teeth and avoid it lifting up to the top of your mouth when you smile. Dr. Farnoosh is a gummy smile specialist in the Beverly Hills area and can treat you at his clinic there. All you have to do is reach out and explain why your smile needs to be improved. To talk to a member of the team today, contact us by calling (310) 928-1796 now.

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