Millions of people suffer from problems with their gums or gum disease each year. Many of these people may not even know they have gum disease until they go to see a dentist and a problem is discovered or pointed out. Gum disease that is left unchecked can cause a bevy of potential problems for you, with everything from bad breath to tooth decay and even possible coronary and circulation problems. You do not want to neglect the care of your gums and to help you prevent gum disease and restore the health of your gums instead, you need to visit the Top Periodontist in LA can make a big difference to you.
Visit the Top Periodontist in LA

Learning Good Habits to Keep Your Gums Healthy

When you go to see a periodontist, the doctor not only has concerns about restoring the health of your gums, but the doctor can also teach you the healthy habits and routines you should incorporate into your life to help you maintain good gum health. You need to go beyond just brushing your teeth each day and start flossing regularly as well to help prevent plaque buildup that can lead to gum disease. Your periodontist can also teach you the importance of regular cleanings to help remove plaque and debris.

A Periodontist and Treatment

When you go visit the top periodontist in LA, the doctor will perform a thorough exam to help determine where the problems may be for you with your gums. Many people may avoid seeing a periodontist because they think the exam and treatment will be painful, but when you see an experienced doctor that uses the latest methods and tools available, you will find that treatment is safe and comfortable for you. You can get the cleaning you may need without the fear of pain during or after your treatment.

Visit the Top Periodontist in LA

The key to getting the best treatment for your gums rests in seeing the top Periodontist in LA. When you come to us at The Total Smile, you will get treatment from Dr. Alex Farnoosh, one of the top periodontists in the country and a true gum specialist. We will provide you with the care you need to help you restore your gums and keep you healthy. To make an appointment with us, call our office at (310) 928-1796 so you can take the first step towards having healthier gums.

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