You know how important it is that you care for your teeth, but even when you maintain good oral health, you may notice that there are issues with your mouth that you want to address. You may experience issues with your gums that interfere with you having the beautiful smile that you want, detracting from the look of your smile and your teeth. You may think there are no easy solutions available to help you with your gums, but there are options available to you. You should come to us at The Total Smile to see our gummy specialist in Los Angeles that can help change your smile for you.
our gummy specialist in los angeles

Caring for a Gummy Smile

Some people may suffer from a condition where they have an excess amount of gum tissue exposed when they smile. A smile like this, sometimes called a gummy smile, obscures the look of your teeth and can make your smile look awkward to you. The condition is more common than you may realize, and there are treatments available that can help correct the issue for you. Here at The Total Smile, our expert cosmetic dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, has developed a unique treatment that is minimally invasive and has a much more comfortable recovery than other surgical methods, while providing you with the desired look and results.

Other Treatments from Our Gummy Specialist in Los Angeles

When you come to The Total Smile for treatment from our gummy specialist in Los Angeles, there are other treatments available to you that can help you with your look. We also offer a gum whitening procedure that can help people that experience dark gum tissue and would like to have a lighter, pink color to their gums. Dr. Farnoosh is also an expert periodontist and can provide you with the detailed gum care that you need to help combat other gum issues, like gingivitis, periodontitis, or other gum issues.
Contact Gummy Specialist in Los Angeles You Want to See
The high-quality level of care you will receive from us at The Total Smile can help to change your look and your life for you. To make an appointment to see our gummy specialist in Los Angeles for a complimentary initial consultation, please call us at (310) 928-1796. We will be glad to schedule time with you to meet with Dr. Farnoosh so you can learn just what he can do to help you address any gum issues you may have.

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