When you see people with a great smile, you are really looking at their teeth. The best smiles will show only a minimal amount of gums. Perhaps as little as 1-5%, and so the focus is upon the teeth. However, with some people, the upper lip lifts far too high. And their smile will display much more gum, around 25% of the total smile. For many people, this level of gum exposure can make them feel embarrassed about their smile. And they often hesitate to smile around strangers. Yet only rarely to they go to their dentist and talk about solutions. Not even asking about a lip lowering surgery procedure and cost.

Stopping The Upper Lip

In the past, when dentists have tried to resolve what is commonly called a gummy smile, they have had to resort to cutting away excess gum tissue. The process is known as gum lengthening. Not all people are suitable for this surgery. Many in fact suffer from excessive movement, or hyper-mobility, in their upper lip. The only way to correct this was with jaw surgery. And often it was too expensive and too extreme for the average patient. They were left with no solution until Dr Farnoosh came to offer them an alternative. One which would allow them to reduce the movement in the upper lip without requiring extensive surgery. Known as lip lowering, this treatment can help to keep the lip stable. Reducing gum exposure and preventing the gummy smile.

The Treatment Of The Upper Lip

The process used by Dr Farnoosh involves cutting the upper lip tissue where it connects to the jaw. And then repositioning that tissue, including upper lip muscles, further down towards the teeth. This is known as a Frenectomy. And the doctor will make a small incision between the gum and the lip connection. And then cut around the gum line to allow the lip to be moved further down. The extent of the gummy smile will affect how much cutting needs to be done in order to adjust the lip. But once the tissue is free of the gum, that lip will be sewn into the gum at a lower point. The results will allow the patient to smile again with confidence.
Lip Lowering Surgery Cost

Costs Of The Surgery

If you have been deterred from jaw surgery by the costs, then you may be pleased to hear that the lip lowering surgery cost at The Total Smile is not as high as the more extensive treatment. Naturally, costs will vary depending upon the amount of treatment that is required, so the more gum you show, the more work we have to do to correct it. There may also be other factors involved in this repositioning surgery, so that they final price can be from $500 to $5000, and this cost will need to be discussed with the doctor. To find out more about how The Total Smile can remove your gummy smile, send an online inquiry, or ask for a consultation by calling (310) 928-1796 today.

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