You have a beautiful smile. Full of perfect teeth. But you know that you are let down by the darkness of your gums. It needs more than the full benefit of dental work and teeth whitening. Your smile will never be perfect if your gums are not as good looking. Many people spend a lot of money at the dentist having implants, veneers and crowns inserted. But they ignore their dark or blackened gums. So they don’t get the smile that they are hoping for. You may realize that your gums are letting you down. But before you have a bleaching procedure, you want to know how much gum lightening will cost at the Total Smile.

Why Your Gums Are Darkened

Blackened or stained gums can happen to anyone. And even if the gums themselves are completely healthy, their appearance can affect how your teeth look. By far the most common cause of gum staining is underlying disease. You may be suffering from an infection in your gums. And your dentist will look at that condition before any bleaching is performed. You may have accidentally stained them by drinking excessive amounts of coffee or red wine. Maybe eating too many dark berries. Or other factors such as smoking, taking certain medication, having chronic disease (not necessarily periodontal) or having fillings made from amalgam.
If you have discolored teeth, then the underlying cause of that staining needs to be considered before bleaching goes ahead. Or you may find that the stain returns to your gums within a few months. Treating the cause is the best solution to avoiding future darkening of the gums.
Gum Lightening Cost

A Simple Treatment

Gum lightening involves using a bleaching method to create lighter gum tissue. The method used will depend very much upon the causes of the staining. For example, in some cases the discoloration will not need surgery. And can be done easily with a simple alteration of pigmentation. In other cases, the doctor will decide that you require minor surgical intervention in order to ensure that the gum lightening process works. Ordinarily, Dr Farnoosh will apply numbing paste to the gums, and then the bum bleaching process will be applied. For darker stains, it may be useful for the doctor to also apply dermabrasion or alteration of the gum line to create the perfect smile without excessive dark gums.

Costing The Process

As with every other kind of dental process, many patients are reluctant to take the next step because they are worried about costs. The care of your gums, and the need to treat any medical issues may affect the total gum lightening cost, but if you need a simple lightening of the gums then you could see costs beginning at around $1,000, or as high as $1,500. This will depend upon your gums and their current color. To find out more about how Dr Farnoosh can treat your dark gums, contact The Total Smile online, or request a consultation by calling (310) 928-1796 today.

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