A gummy smile is something that many people are self-conscious about. And it can ruin your happiness and damage your sense of self-worth. You might feel that you are unattractive because you have this gummy smile, and in Los Angeles only a perfect smile is acceptable. You might feel that it affects your job, or damages your standing with neighbors and friends. And you know that you don’t smile very often because you are worried about what other people might think. Have you been suffering with this condition for some time, and don’t know what to do next? You should come to The Total Smile, and let Dr Alex Farnoosh help you get rid of excess gums for good.

Avoiding Painful Surgery

You may have been suffering with a gummy smile all of your life, and have been reluctant to take any steps to solve it because you know that you face a life-changing surgery. Other doctors may have recommended this treatment, known as orthognathic surgery, telling you that there is no alternative to this method. A serious and invasive surgery, this treatment involves jaw surgery designed to remove as much gum as possible. However, it is a painful surgery which might leave you permanently damaged, and unsurprisingly many patients are reluctant to have this treatment. it is certainly very severe for something so minor.

Gummy Smile Los Angeles

A New Treatment for Gummy Smile In Los Angeles

Dental surgeons who recommended that you receive this surgery are now behind the times. Dr. Farnoosh has discovered a procedure which will allow him to reduce the amount of gum exposed without invasive treatments. This involves lowering your upper lip and repositioning it. So that you can smile without exposing too much of the gum line. You get a reduced gum line when you smile. But don’t have to have the full surgery, which can come as a relief to many.
In fact, Dr Farnoosh may be able to perform this entire treatment with just local anesthetic. Meaning that you can be awake the whole time. With a few simple incisions, they remove the connecting tissue of your gum and lip. Then, the movement of the upper lip is reduced. This helps to keep the lip further down when you smile. Closer to your teeth. This means an end to your gummy smile for good.

Find Out How We Can Help You

Are you looking for a solution to a gummy smile? Then , making sure that you can get the best out of your look when you have this treatment. We can give you further help with Botox injections as you build up to our treatment. Or use gum contouring treatments to reduce your gum line. To get the information you need, send an online enquiry, or call (310) 928-1796 for a complimentary consultation with Dr Farnoosh.

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