When you hear the words, “gummy smile” almost sounds like a good thing. As in, it’s “gummy,” which we associated with sugar and candy. So it seems like a smile that is “gummy” is one that’s sweet, bright, and when you see it, it gives you a feeling akin to a sugar rush. Unfortunately, that’s not what it means. A smile that is “gummy” is one where the gums are too visible. Or one where the sight of the gums distracts from the rest of the smile. We have many ways of making these smiles less “gummy”. So that your smile is as radiant as beautiful as it can be.

Gummy Smile Causes

It’s important to note that you can’t give yourself one of these smiles. It’s not something where you caused it to happen to yourself. You did not engage in some unhealthy behavior that made your smile more gummy. Nor did you fail to eat a good diet or something. We can’t cause these smiles to happen, so it’s in no way your fault.
By that same token, you really can’t do anything to fix it in your own. You can’t hold your lips in a different way when you smile. No matter how hard you concentrate, practice or anything like that. It’s not a concern that a regular person can fix. That’s where Dr. Farnoosh and the Total Smile come in. We can make your smile right for you. Instead of being worried that your smile is too gummy, and letting that take an enormous toll on your self-esteem. Instead, you can let our professionals give you the smile that you’ve always wanted.
The factors that do cause these smiles are usually things that we’re born with. For example, you may have one of these smiles if your lips just aren’t lengthy enough. By those meanings, you could get them if you have an overbite as well. Many of our patients come to us because their gum tissue has simply overgrown. Or their teeth are too short as well. Sometimes, abnormal teeth eruption can cause this, too. It could even be something as simple as having a lip that pulls back too far when you smile.
Now, go back and look at the previous paragraph. There’s nothing there that you could’ve kept from happening in your life. We know that some people are a bit reticent about getting cosmetic surgery. Or even receiving some kind of non-invasive procedure. You didn’t ask to have a smile that’s gummy. You didn’t cause it to happen. Neither did you have to feel the slightest bit of guilty about taking control and making your smile look how you want it to look.

What We Can Do for Your Smile

We have many different treatments for a smile that’s gummy. The most important thing to keep in mind is this. What makes your smile gummy, is different from what makes someone else’s smile gummy. Smiles are gummy for different reasons and in different ways. So, it takes different methods to make sure that they’re set right. That’s why we provide each of our patients with an individualized treatment. A personalized process that makes their smile exactly what they want it to be.
We have decades of experience in making smiles less gummy and more radiant. We can utilize many tactics in making sure that your smile looks how it should.  When you come to our facility, one of our medical professionals (perhaps Dr. Farnoosh himself) will look at your smile and figure out exactly what can be done. From there, our team will set about to make sure smile become everything that it can.
The main goal of many of our procedures is one. To make sure that your teeth, and your teeth alone, are the focus of your smile. When your smile is more gummy than you would like… well. That’s how it earns the name: by the gums overwhelming the rest of the smile. Even the person who has brushed their teeth several times a day for their entire life. Who also flosses daily. Can have their gums just absolutely crowd out their smile. We can make sure that your smile is about your teeth. Period.
In addition to that matter, our procedure also makes sure of exposing your teeth in a more even fashion. Sometimes, the problem with the gums isn’t that they take over the smile. But rather, they are uneven, exposing some teeth while hiding others. We do everything we can to make sure that your smile is both dazzling and even so that it’s even more radiant.
Depending on how your smile is gummy, we may use different methods and procedures. For example, many of our patients benefit from having the fullness of their upper lip be more enhanced. Instead of it being minimized or overshadowed by your gums, we bring it to the point where it looks right in your mouth, giving you the natural smile that you’ve always wanted.
Speaking of the word “natural,” one thing that all of our treatments for smiles that are gummy seeks to do is to give our patients a smile that looks more relaxed. When your smile is gummy, it rarely looks relaxed. In large part because it’s difficult. If you’re like so many others whose smile is more gummy than they would like, it’s natural to be self-conscious about it. When you’re smiling, no matter how happy you are, you might be worried in the back of your head that someone only notices your gums. With our treatment, that worry will be a thing of the past.
Gummy Smile

Different Methods

Many, when trying to get rid of a smile that’s more gummy than they’d like, go through invasive jaw surgery. Dr. Farnoosh saw that procedure and realized there had to be a better way. So, he developed an alternative that lowers the lip while being far less invasive than jaw surgery. In fact, the procedure is so small; it only requires a local anesthetic. With a few incisions on the area that connects your gums to your lips, he can totally transform your smile.
Of course, that’s not the only way that he can treat a smile that’s too gummy.  Additionally, he can contour the gums. Using a laser or scalpel, he makes sure that more of the teeth are visible by removing excess gum tissue. Beyond that, he also has Botox injections available as well. To be clear, both of these procedures can be used to augment the surgery. That way, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted: the one that’s truly yours.
One question we often get is: “can I still do this even if I’ve had surgery for my smile that’s too gummy in the past?” Of course, you can. In fact, many of our patients are people who’ve already had surgery to make their smile less gummy only to find that they weren’t happy with the results. Our procedures make it more possible to get the smile you’ve always wanted, even if you’ve had to take some detours along the way.

Total Smile Pioneer

If you go elsewhere for your gum-reduction smile procedures, you may end up with a medical professional who’s just trying to perform Dr. Farnoosh’s procedures. In so many ways, he’s been a literal pioneer for smiles that are too gummy. Having created so many different procedures and treatments, he knows what it takes to make a smile less gummy. Surrounded by a highly-qualified team utilizing his methods as well as the best technology, we can help you to get the smile that you want. To set up a consultation, all you have to do is give The Total Smile a call at (310) 928-1796.

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