All your life, you’ve heard how important it is to take proper care of your teeth. You know what it takes to make your teeth sparkle with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist, but good oral hygiene and care go beyond what you see in your smile. Your gums play a vital role as well, and gum health and care are issues that get easily overlooked today. Because of what people eat, drink, the medicines they take, their habits and hygiene, more people today find they have gum difficulties like gingivitis or gum disease. To make sure you get the gum treatment and care that improves your oral health and smile, you should make time to go see a gummy specialist in LA like we have here at The Total Smile.
before gummy smile  after gummy smile

A Specialist for Gum Health

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is our resident periodontist here at The Total Smile. Dr. Farnoosh has been practicing in the area for over twenty years and has helped thousands of patients with their teeth and gums. Gum health not only has an impact on the look and beauty of your smile, but it can make a difference to your body’s overall health. Gums that are red, swollen, receding, and bleeding can leave you vulnerable to illnesses and infections in the bloodstream that can affect the major organs in your body. Learning proper gum care and getting deep cleanings and exams regularly will help to fight off gum disease and give you a healthier mouth.

Advanced Care for Your Gums

Our gummy specialist in LA at The Total Smile can go beyond what the average periodontist can offer you. Dr. Farnoosh has been a leader in innovation when it comes to the cosmetic treatment of the gums. He has developed procedures that can assist you in getting healthier looking gums through his advanced gum bleaching procedure, a procedure seen as more effective than other abrasive treatments. Dr. Farnoosh also began a treatment of what is referred to as “gummy smile,” where excess gum tissue is present, with a lip-lowering procedure that is highly effective.

See a Gummy Specialist Near You 

If you have gum issues that you want to address with an expert periodontist, come see the gummy specialist in LA at The Total Smile. You can learn more about Dr. Farnoosh and our practice by reading the information you find on our website. You can see the various services we offer and read testimonials from patients who are thrilled with the results they have achieved. To make an appointment for a courtesy consultation with Dr. Farnoosh, simply call our office at (310) 928-1796 to request a meeting. You can come in to see our facilities and visit Dr. Farnoosh for a consultation and learn what he can do for you to help you achieve better gum health and a winning smile.

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