If you have dealt with dark, discolored gums for a long time and are unsure what you can do about it, you should know that there are treatments available that can help you. There are different options available, depending on the severity and type of discoloration that you have, that can assist you in removing the dark color from your gums and restoring your gums to a pink, healthier look. While you may be familiar with the laser technology that is used, you should also know that there are bleaching techniques available that are highly effective. If you are wondering whether or not gum bleaching in Beverly Hills is safe, we at the Total Smile can tell you all of the benefits of this method.

A Safe, Effective Method

The gum bleaching technique that has been pioneered by Dr. Alex Farnoosh is a unique and highly effective method to help you get rid of the dark pigmentation that you have to your gums. The methods and technology used by Dr. Farnoosh are completely safe for you. The medication used for the treatment is safe and painless and will quickly help to transform the color of your gums. A typical treatment can be accomplished in less than an hour, depending on the severity and degree of the discoloration, so that you can leave the office with a brighter look than ever before.

More Effective than Lasers

Our gum bleaching in Beverly Hills is a much more effective treatment than the typical treatment offered by other doctors using laser technology. Often, when lasers are used to remove the dark color, the pigmentation returns, meaning you will need to undergo the treatment repeatedly over time to achieve the look you want. With our bleaching methods, patients have gone five, ten, fifteen years and more with on signs of reoccurrence, giving you much more effective and longer-lasting results.

Set Up an Appointment

To learn more about gum bleaching in Beverly Hills and what we can do to assist you with your dark gums, please give us a call at the Total Smile at 310-657-0503. We can arrange an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Farnoosh for a consultation and exam so that he can look at your teeth and gums and provide you with recommendations and options for treatment that can help you get a beautiful mouth and smile.

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