More than many other parts of the body, your mouth, teeth, and gums are features that hold just as much importance aesthetically as they do practically. Front and center in your face, you need your mouth and dental health to be in top form in order for you to eat, talk and be pain free, but you also want it to look and feel great in order to gain that all-important self confidence.
To maintain this healthy state you need to be registered with a good dentist who can offer a full range of services. That means you have access to the fullest possible menu of treatments you or your family may need through your lifetimes. One area to check for is periodontal treatments, that is those treatments that look after the health of your gums because periodontitis (gum disease) is as important to treat as a cavity or missing/lost tooth. Here are a few of the options for periodontal treatment in Los Angeles.
periodontal treatment in Los Angeles

  • Gum Bleaching

Gum bleaching is something that is becoming more and more popular. It isn’t only teeth that people are concerned about it terms of color and staining, sometimes the color of your surrounding gums isn’t what you want it to be. In those circumstances a session of gum bleaching can help to lighten the tone of the tissue and provide you with a more attractive smile.

  •  Root Coverage

Some periodontal treatment in Los Angeles is dedicated to the growing trend of root coverage. If the roots of your front teeth are becoming more and more exposed and visible as you get older, then the option for root coverage is something to consider. The treatment covers up receding gums and gives you back a more complete and aesthetically pleasing smile.

  • Dental Implants

The usual treatment for gum disease is a dental implant, which is preferable to a denture or dentures. This is a false tooth, matched as closely as possible to your existing tooth, permanently fixed in the gap left by a lost tooth. Installing a dental implant is an incredibly common procedure that dentists perform every single day, but there are various types available. Your dentist will discuss the options with you.  

  • Bone Grafting

If you aren’t necessarily worried about the visual of missing teeth, but still want to think about preserving the strength and health of your mouth, then bone grafting may be the answer. This is a procedure that can be done to reinforce and help build up the surrounding bone around the spaces where the teeth are missing. Doing so can prevent future problems like gum and bone disease as well as further deterioration.
If you are seeking top quality periodontal treatment in Los Angeles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Head over to the Total Smile website to find all of the information that you could possibly need regarding how to contact us as well as the different kinds of services that we offer. We look forward to meeting you!

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