For many people, going to the dentist is something that puts fear and dread into their hearts. A routine checkup can be stressful enough, but if you are told that you need something like a dental implant, then the stress levels go through the roof!
Any professional and compassionate dentist will be aware of people’s fears, and the best way to alleviate those fears is for you to have as much information as to what you can expect. The more clarity that is provided with the appointment, the less room there is in your mind to envision a horror show! To help you calm down and be as relaxed as you can when the time comes, here is a brief rundown of what you can expect from implant treatment in Beverly Hills.

Three Different Parts

implant treatment in Beverly Hills
The first thing to know about implant treatment in Beverly Hills is that the implant itself (i.e. the false tooth) is made up of three different parts: the crown, the connector, and the base. These are the three components that come together in your mouth to create the look of a completely natural tooth that matches those on either side of it.

You Will Be Sedated

An implant is a procedure that requires anesthetic. After being sedated, the first thing that the dentist will do is drill a small hole into part of your jawbone, and the hole that is drilled will have the base screwed into it. After that, the gum is then placed back over the implant base so that it can be allowed to heal properly.

Second Surgery

Once you have healed from that first procedure, the second surgery will involve fitting the connector into the top of the implant base. When those two components have been checked and everything is healed as it should be, the last step for the dentist is to attach the crown to the connector and secure it with a special mix of dental cement. Extra sturdiness will be provided by the help of a very small screw.

You Can’t Tell The Difference

Once the entire procedure is complete and the crown is in place and healed, we guarantee that people will not be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the dental implant. Modern dentistry has the capability of matching the crown part exactly to the natural color of the rest of your teeth, and the realistic shape of the ‘fake tooth’ ensures that nobody will be able to look at your smile and notice that anything is different from the rest. The implant will perform as a regular tooth and you care for it as you do your real teeth.
If you think implant treatment in Beverly Hills is going to be part of your near future, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Head over to the Total Smile website and you will find all the information you need to contact us, as well as further answers to any questions that you might have. We look forward to being able to help you!

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