As beautiful as a smile can be, you can find yourself disliking your own smile with the same intensity. Hating your smile may have nothing to do with how your teeth look when you smile. Your teeth are straight, white and sparkling; the problem is that your gums are impacting the overall look of your smile. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror all you see are gums staring back at you, taking up too much of your mouth and your smile. The condition, called a gummy smile, affects more people than you may realize but not everyone notices it, and most people suffer from the condition in silence. You can find treatment for this condition, but at the Total Smile, we offer you a safer method of correction for a gummy smile in Los Angeles that you will be happy with.

Considering the Surgery or Botox

There are surgical options and the option to go for Botox treatments to treat a gummy smile. Both can work to correct the issue for you, but there are risks involved with each one. Botox is not a permanent solution, requiring more treatments down the road and there is also the risk of overinjection of the muscles, making your upper lip look unnatural. Surgery can correct the problem as well, but it can involve surgery of your jaw bone, which is quite drastic and painful, or the cutting away of your excess gum tissue, which can also cause pain in recovery and is not always effective.

A Safer, More Effective Choice

The safer and more effective choice for treating a gummy smile in Los Angeles is what we offer at the Total Smile. Dr. Alex Farnoosh can perform a unique lip lowering procedure where incisions are made in the muscles so that your upper lip is lowered to cover the gum tissue properly. The procedure is easily performed, practically non-invasive and recovery is much easier and often completely free of any pain. The results of the procedure will give you the more natural look to your smile that you want.

You Should Come to See Us

If you have dealt with a gummy smile in Los Angeles for years and finally want to do something about it, come to see us at the Total Smile. You can call our office at 310-657-0503 to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh so he can examine you and present you with the best treatment we can provide for you so you can love the smile you see in the mirror each day.

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