Exposing the gums is a common issue with many people in the United States. This is where the smile shows a great deal of gum above the teeth, either as a result of an over-mobile lip, thin lipped issue or owing to problems with the gum tissue itself. In order to overcome these problems, our Gummy specialist clinic in LA can offer a number of different solutions which are designed to allow you to get a better look when you smile. By improving the appearance of the smile, particularly the upper lip, we can help you to feel more confident in your smile.

Reducing Gum Lines

A common problem in overexposed gums is the amount of tissue that is exposed by the smile. This can be as a result of the gums becoming inflamed, or due to overgrowth of the tissue itself. There are several options which we can offer our clients will help to reduce the amount of gum tissue present in the mouth, thereby helping you to get a more attractive smile.

Our Lip Lowering Procedures

One of our most successful techniques is a lipid-lowering method that is designed to avoid difficult and painful jaw surgery. The treatment allows us to reposition the lip in order to reduce the amount of gum line that is revealed when you smile. By using this technique, you will need less time to recover, and will experience fewer risks. The operation is performed with local anesthetic, so you don’t require hospital admissions or overnight sessions. The treatment means that we can reduce the movement of your upper lip, so your lip is always closer to the teeth during movement.

Our Focus on Your Needs

More than anything else, our gummy specialist LA team is focused upon your individual requirements, including any specific needs that you have which will affect the treatment that we offer. We aim to provide you with the best service possible, to reduce the amount of gum exposed in your smile and to give you more confidence when you do smile. You can talk to us at any time on 310-657-0503, or you can contact us using our online form available through our website. Talk to one of our specialists to find out how our treatment options can assist you, and will give you the smile that you really want.

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