In the realm of first impressions, a smile often takes center stage. For those conscious of their ‘gummy smiles,’ showing their teeth in joy or laughter can feel like an ordeal, leading many to master the art of lip-closed smiles. But the landscape of cosmetic dentistry is changing, and with the advancements in Los Angeles, smile makeovers for gummy smiles and perfecting your grin are now within reach.

A recent survey by the National Library of Medicine highlighted that a gum-to-lip distance of 4mm or more when smiling is considered unattractive by dentists. This suggests that a significant portion of people might lack confidence in their smiles, feeling the need to hide them.

Enter Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a renowned Beverly Hills periodontist. He’s pioneered a groundbreaking solution to the gummy smile conundrum.

Los Angeles Smile Makeovers for Gummy Smile The Total Smile

Understanding the Gummy Smile

A ‘gummy smile’ is characterized by an upper lip that rests too high, exposing a large portion of the gums. This can be a result of a short upper lip or a hypermobile one. Traditional treatments for this condition, like repositioning parts of the upper jaw or crown lengthening, were not only painful and risky but also potentially expensive. Moreover, while many dentists advocated for crown lengthening as a panacea for gummy smiles, the procedure sometimes led to a “horse-like” appearance due to the overexposure of teeth.

The Future: Lip Lowering

In this evolving field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Farnoosh has introduced an innovative method as part of the Los Angeles smile makeovers for gummy smiles: lip lowering. This procedure adjusts the lip line, thereby reducing gum exposure. The results? A harmonious and confident smile.

Moreover, when required, this treatment can be paired with crown lengthening to modify the gum line around teeth that may appear shorter because of excessive gum tissue. For some patients, adding veneers or crowns might be the final touch to achieve that flawless smile.

Dr. Farnoosh remarks on the transformative potential of these procedures: “The AAP survey underscores the number of individuals who could benefit from Los Angeles smile makeovers. Historically, treatments for a ‘gummy smile’ were intrusive, costly, and fraught with complications. However, the techniques we’ve adopted over the past decade are not only more affordable but also less invasive with consistently impressive outcomes.”

A Glimpse into Dr. Farnoosh’s Legacy

Dr. Farnoosh, a graduate of the University of Iowa, has been a beacon in the field of Periodontology since the 70s. He’s imparted knowledge at the University of Southern California (USC) since 1981, holding esteemed positions such as the Director of Doctoral and Post Doctoral courses and the admissions chairman for the School of Dentistry. With his promotion to Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontology, Dr. Farnoosh has remained at the forefront of innovative dental solutions.

For those seeking a Los Angeles Smile Makeover for Gummy Smile, Dr. Farnoosh offers a promise: a blend of experience, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection. Schedule your free consultation today and step closer to the smile you’ve always envisioned.

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