A recent survey by the American Academy of Periodontology found that 1 in 4 people felt that their smiles’ were too gummy. Dr. Farnoosh, a Los Angeles and Beverly Hills smile makeover specialist, offers an innovative solution.

Beverly Hills, California – December 05, 2008 – A smile is one of the first facial characteristics a person notices. For those with imperfect or abnormal smiles, it can be an agonizing ordeal and is avoided at all costs. However, now there are new Los Angeles smile makeover procedures in place to give everyone their perfect smile. Dr. Farnoosh has brought new hope for those people concerned about their “gummy smile.”
The results of a recent consumer survey conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) revealed that almost one out of four individuals that participated in the study felt that their smile revealed too much of their gums or that their teeth appeared longer than they should. These startling results show that nearly 1/4 of the population may not be confident about the appearance of their smile. To hide their “gummy smile,” many people who suffer from this condition have compensated by perfecting the art of smiling with closed lips. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Beverly Hills periodontist offers an innovative solution.

For people who feel their smile is gummy or shows too much of their teeth, a revolutionary procedure has been developed by a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist to alleviate this problem. This condition, called a gummy smile, occurs when the lip sits unnaturally high on the gum line, creating a smile exhibiting excess gums. This is often due to either the upper lip being too short or a hypermobile lip.

The rather harsh, traditional treatments of the past for this condition have included cutting and repositioning part of the upper jaw or crown lengthening. Removing part of the upper jaw is not only expensive, but also very painful and risky. Many dentists claim that crown lengthening, which involves cutting back, and re-sculpting the gum line, will correct any gummy smile. Unfortunately, crown lengthening alone either via traditional surgical blade or via laser is often insufficient. While crown lengthening may be effective in diminishing some gummy smiles, it can often create teeth that appear too long producing a “horse-like” appearance.

As an alternative, one of the most effective and least invasive methods that exist to improve a gummy smile is lip lowering. This procedure developed by Dr. Farnoosh, lowers the lip line that covers the gum thereby minimizing the gummy smile and producing a more attractive appearance (view before and after photos). In addition, this procedure can be used in conjunction with crown lengthening, to reshape the gumline around short teeth by removing excess gum. In some cases, the placement of veneers or crowns may also be needed. By combining these techniques in the right manner Dr. Farnoosh brings a “perfect smile” within the reach of his patients.

“The AAP survey shows that there is a large percentage of the population who could benefit from these procedures and may not be aware that they exist,” said Dr. Farnoosh. “In the past, the treatment for a “gummy smile” was painful, risky and expensive. My method is safer, less invasive, less costly and the results we have seen over the past 10 years are just outstanding.”

About Dr Farnoosh

Dr. Farnoosh is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where he earned his M.S. degree and specialty certificate in Periodontology in 1974 and a Ph.D. in Pathology in 1978. He has taught at the University of Southern California (USC) since 1981, where he has held the title of Director of Doctoral and Post Doctoral courses. He also served as admissions chairman for the School of Dentistry. He was promoted to Tenured Associate Professor in 1988 and subsequently to Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontology.
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