Oral cancer screenings are often overlooked by those seeking dental care. Beverly Hills periodontist and gum specialist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, advocates for early detection methods.
Beverly Hills, California (March 2011)– While many early detection systems for commonly known cancers like those affecting the prostate, breast and cervix have become commonplace, the number of people seeking early detection measures for oral cancer is miniscule. One person dies every hour in this county from oral cancer and it is now the sixth most often diagnosed cancer in America. In fact, this cancer will afflict 30,000 patients per year and close to 100 people are currently diagnosed every day in the U.S. Perhaps even more alarming, only about 50% of those individuals will have survived the disease in 5 years.
Many dentists and dental professionals are now committed to fighting oral cancer by providing free oral cancer screenings to better find and treat the disease before it becomes too aggressive. Recently, at a free oral cancer screening event at the Saratoga Race Course in 2009, at least one person was discovered to have the disease. Early symptoms are often ignored, as they become little more than a nuisance leading to mouth and tongue pain and even forming sores thought to be a canker sore or cold sore. Over time, the pain increases, and when patients finally check those ailments for cancer, it can be harder to treat as cancer has become more aggressive. Early detection is essential in winning the fight against oral cancer. Currently, around 60% of people in the United States see their dentist at least once a year but less than 15% of those individuals undergo screening for oral cancer.
Dr. Farnoosh is a Beverly Hills periodontist and gum specialist committed to detecting and fighting this type of cancer and advocates for members of the public to seek early detection methods. “The prevalence of oral and other cancers affecting the public is growing and it is more important than ever to commit to healthy oral habits and to take preventative measures to avoid these diseases. I recommend my patients seek early care to fight oral cancer and other problems including periodontal diseases that often become overlooked as well. It is known that the mouth is a mirror image of what is happening inside our body so making oral health a priority is essential to overall wellness.” Dentists, like Dr. Farnoosh, are the first line of defense when it comes to detecting and fighting oral cancers.
Dr. Farnoosh, the founder of The Total Smile, has treated gum and oral diseases for over 25 years and has made oral cancer screenings an integral part of his routine initial exam. He recognizes that most patients are unaware of the importance of receiving regular oral cancer checkups. He recommends a preventative strategy via regular appointments to fight oral cancer and other forms of gum disease.
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